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Bridging legacy data systems with modern UX and AI.

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We've partnered to develop a new and exciting product that aims to bridge legacy data systems with modern UX and AI. Using the power of modern technologies and advancements we're developing a new and exciting way of managing your old systems.

What the

What is SaaS? Software as a Service is a delivery model in which the software (website) is licensed on a subscription model. We're working to deliver a new product following this model that will allow users to connect their legacy database systems and build out interactive portals with modern UI's.

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We're utilising Umbraco to leverage some of it's core features such as a membership management and document typing and pairing this with a modern front-end framework called React.

React is maintained by Meta, known for their companies such as Facebook which implements React heavily.

Umbraco 13 now has something called the Content Delivery API which allows us to have the powerful benefits of Umbraco, whilst not being restricted to a specific front-end technology, essentially allowing us to decouple CMS and UI.



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