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What it means to
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Josh Thompson-Smith Nov 23, 2023
CEO of Oblongata, Josh Thompson-Smith

In simple terms, Umbraco is a website content management system (CMS) that has gained widespread recognition for its flexibility, user-friendliness, and versatility in allowing web developers to create stunning and functional websites.

At Oblongata, we’ve recently been recognised as an Umbraco certified silver partner agency, part of a select group of website creators committed to delivering high-quality online solutions. In this article, we explore what it means to be a certified partner and the benefits that come with this prestigious designation to the charity organisations we work with.

Expertise in Umbraco

To become an Umbraco certified silver partner agency, we have demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise using Umbraco's CMS platform. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the technical features, design capabilities, best practices, and the ability to deliver top-notch web solutions. It signifies our commitment to designing and developing charity websites that attract and engage online audiences.

Access to Umbraco's resources

As a certified silver partner, Oblongata has access to a wealth of resources provided by Umbraco. This includes technical support, training, and early access to updates and new features. This direct line of communication ensures that we remain up to date with the latest advancements in the CMS and can provide the best possible, long-term, solutions for your website.

Increased credibility

The Umbraco certified silver partner badge is a symbol of trust and credibility in our industry. Clients seeking web development services in the charity sector, and other third sectors we work in, understand the significance of this certification and it gives them peace of mind that Oblongata will provide a high functioning website based on very best practices.

Quality assurance

Umbraco closely monitors its certified partner agencies to ensure they maintain high standards. This means that when you work with Oblongata you can trust that we are committed to delivering quality services, and that Umbraco vets our expertise and work on an ongoing basis.

Collaboration opportunities

Being an Umbraco certified silver partner agency provides opportunities for us to collaborate with other agencies and experts in the Umbraco community. This network can be invaluable for sharing knowledge, solving complex problems, and staying connected with like-minded professionals. All this knowledge building and sharing is transferred to our client projects with confidence that the right solutions have been embraced.

Client confidence

When our clients choose to work with Oblongata, they are assured of the quality and reliability of the services they receive. They know they are working with experts who understand Umbraco inside and out, which results in successful projects and happy clients who confidently endorse our work.

Staying ahead of the curve

Umbraco is continuously evolving, and as a certified silver partner agency, Oblongata is always at the forefront of these changes. This ensures your charity receives innovative and up-to-date web solutions that meet your unique and evolving needs.

We’re very proud of our Umbraco certified silver partner agency status; it’s a mark of excellence in the world of web development. It represents a commitment to expertise, quality, and innovation. It's a recognition that opens doors to valuable resources, networking opportunities and, most importantly, the trust and confidence of our clients.

If you're serious about working in partnership with a development company that delivers high-spec web solutions, Oblongata is the right choice for you. Discover more about working with us.