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Umbraco Integration
Capabilities and
Tech Options

Josh Thompson-Smith Dec 27, 2023
CEO of Oblongata, Josh Thompson-Smith

Umbraco integration capabilities and tech options that empower our developers to create powerful and scalable web solutions.

At Oblongata, we believe what sets Umbraco apart is its robust integration capabilities and a variety of tech options that enable our developers to create dynamic and feature-rich websites for clients across the third sector.

Let’s explore each one in turn:

1. Microsoft .NET technology:

Umbraco is built on the Microsoft .NET framework, making it a natural fit for developers familiar with .NET technologies. This foundation ensures seamless integration with other Microsoft products and services, providing a cohesive and efficient development environment that translates into a smooth and efficient user experience.

2. RESTful APIs:

Umbraco's support for RESTful APIs enables integration with a wide range of third-party applications and services. This is particularly beneficial for creating dynamic and interactive websites that leverage data and functionality from various sources.

3. Headless CMS capabilities:

Umbraco's headless CMS capabilities allow developers to decouple the content management and presentation layers. This enables the creation of content-rich applications and websites that can be delivered across multiple platforms and devices, enhancing the user experience at every step of their journey on your website.

4. eCommerce integrations:

For businesses looking to set up an online presence, Umbraco offers integration with popular eCommerce platforms. This includes connectors for payment gateways, inventory management systems and order processing tools, providing a comprehensive solution for online retailers.

5. Cloud services:

Umbraco can be easily deployed on various cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging cloud services enhances scalability, performance and reliability, ensuring that websites we build on Umbraco can handle varying levels of traffic and demand.

6. Extensive package ecosystem:

Umbraco's package ecosystem allows developers to extend the CMS's functionality effortlessly. Whether it's adding social media integrations, SEO tools, or custom widgets, the Umbraco package repository offers a wealth of options to enhance and tailor websites according to specific needs.

7. .NET core support:

With Umbraco's support for .NET Core, developers can take advantage of the latest advancements in Microsoft's technology stack. This ensures compatibility with modern development practices and facilitates the creation of high-performance and scalable applications.

8. Integration with marketing technologies:

Umbraco seamlessly integrates with various marketing technologies, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email marketing platforms and analytics tools. This allows our clients to consolidate their marketing efforts and gain valuable insights into user behaviour, engagement and trends.

For the reasons we’ve listed above, as Umbraco partners we only build using this CMS. Whether it's connecting with third-party services, embracing headless CMS architecture or leveraging the latest .NET technologies, Umbraco provides a versatile and extensible platform for building modern and feature-rich websites. And that’s exactly what our clients at Oblongata trust us to achieve.

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